Steven Halpern says in his foreword to the New Age Music Guide by P.J.Birosik, published by MacMillan "...explorers, who helped lay the groundwork for what we now term New Age Music include Kitaro, Andreas Vollenweider, Vangelis, C.H.Deuter, Klaus Schulze, Paul Horn, Suzanne Doucet, Brian Eno and Paul Winter."

Suzanne’s over 40 years in the world of Music have provided her with incomparable knowledge, experience and contacts. Suzanne is an international recording and performing artist, a singer, songwriter & composer with several hit records and albums in Europe, prime time TV "Pop Show" hostess (guests included the BeeGees, Eric Burdon, Grateful Dead, Keith Emerson, Donovan),actress, producer, script writer,art director, sound designer, publisher, label owner & manager, marketing consultant and retailer.

Together with her husband James Bell, Suzanne owned and operated the world-famous specialized audio gallery “Only New Age Music” in Los Angeles. They own and operate now - the #1 online source for new age music.

Suzanne's latest instrumental recording credits include "Tantra Zone" with TaJalli, "Resonance" with Gary Miraz, “Sounds of Nature” (21 CDs) and “Tranquility” (21 CDs) combining the state-of-the-art binaural recordings of Chuck Plaisance with her music.

Shirley Maclaine used Suzanne’s music on her best-selling video and audiocassette titled “Inner Workout”. Suzanne also produced and directed the award winning music video “Starflight” with Chris Toussaint. Suzanne started her own record label in Europe, before she moved in 1983 to the USA.

Suzanne founded the International New Age Music Network in 1987. She produced and directed three International Conferences and the first New Age/World Music Festival at the Wiltern Theater (featuring artists such as Paul Horn, Tim Wheater,TaJalli, Jai Uttal, a.o.).

She has been a consultant to hundreds of artists, producers, record labels, radio programmers, distributors and retailers and supervised many mainstream and alternative marketing campaigns.

"Life Magazine" began their report on New Age Music with a quote from Suzanne Doucet, while specialized Keyboard Magazine acknowledged Suzanne for having "the most authoritative view on New Age Music," and the LA Times devoted a full page article to Suzanne in their Sunday Calendar section. Magazines and TV production companies have interviewed her for their publications in Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Greece, Brazil, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea.

Suzanne is the longest serving member of the annual Screening Committee of the New Age Category for NARAS, helping to define the guidelines for New Age Music since 1987. Suzanne was part of the Presidential/Key Executive MBA Program at Pepperdine University, where she studied business administration. In Munich, Suzanne studied Psychology, as well as, Composition at the Munich State Conservatory.

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